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In which she is in need of some assistance...

Okay, a bit of an advice seeking question here. This coming Friday, I am off with no work to speak of. I have two options as to how to spend my day. In this corner, I have Star Wars Weekends. And in the other corner, the shuttle launch. Now, let me expand...

Star Wars Weekends
I've been the past two years. Both years, I've met Warwick Davis (the first time as a guest (along with Don Bies), second as the Host (guests being Jake Lloyd (hee, I met Ani!) and Matthew Wood (in real life, I'd totally hit that). Both times, it has been utterly fantabulous on all fronts.

This year is also the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. So insanity is highly expected. Originally Warwick Davis was scheduled to appear this weekend, but had to reschedule at the last minute due to "filming conflicts" (DUDE, I SO TOTALLY THIS HAS SOMETHING EVERYTHING TO DO WITH PRINCE CASPIAN.) So they've replaced him with Bonnie Marie Piesse, who isn't bad, but isn't anything to get excited about, either.

However, this year's Host is Jay Laga'aia. That in and of itself is all kinds of geeky!awesome.

Normally, this would be a non-issue. If anything I could just go to each of the weekends like the fangirl I am and geek the fuck out. Only Disney decided to be a giant fucktard this year and pushed the event back a few weeks, so that I'm only able to go to TWO DAYS before the blackout dates on my FRSP kick-in. So it's now or never.

Shuttle Launch
Normally, when I start getting into this space exploration geekery, people zone me out. I'm not in it for the educational aspect. I'm honestly dying to see the day where we're setting up colonies on the Moon, space hotels, manned flights to Mars, etc. It sounds gay as hell, but I operate under the assumption that going to space would be the one thing in life that could truly make me happy. I am hardcore about this shit. (Seriously. I've made NASA fanmixes for whenever I head over to the

This Friday NASA is planning on launching Atlantis for mission STS-117. I've been trying for years to make it to a shuttle launch (my first actual try was what would end up being the final flight of Columbia a few years back. Could've made it, been a part of history. I was just too tired/lazy to drive all the way up there). So far I've yet to succeed. Which kinda sucks, being that I live in Florida and everything.

Well, when they were getting ready for the last shuttle mission, i thought I'd finally see something. I was wide awake, with a full tank of gas, a considerably shorter drive since my family had recently moved up to the central part of the state, and was making great time. Lo and behold, I literally pull into the damn parking lot at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and hear over NASA radio that the launch had been scrubbed. So I had to turn the car right back around and hightail it back home, all the while trying not to let my angry!tears obscure my driving.

Needless to say, I was fucking pissed. Pissed.
On the plus side, as I was speeding back home to vent and rant I managed to see a guy flip over his motorcycle through a tool-booth on 417. That was pretty fucking awesome. The thing must've done a good four or fives rotations before it hit the ground.

So much that when they finally did launch, and I missed being there (because they didn't know if they were gonna go through with it until the very last second), I actually had a full-blown anxiety attack. I'm talking suicidal, freaking out, hyperventilating, can't get enough oxygen because I'm so worked up and the insane levels of mucus are clogging up my respiratory system kind of anxiety attack. It didn't begin to subside for at least eight hours later.

So clearly, if they launch this time and I miss it, my health will not be in a good position. At all. So, to sort this all out, I'm letting you guys decide my fate. But just so you know, if anything bad happens either way, I'm coming after all of you.

Poll #997851 It's Friday - I'm in debate

So Friday. Star Wars Weekends or the Atlantis launch?

SWW. Fictional space is WIN.
Launch. Real space is made of awesome.
Both! SWW in the morning, shuttle launch at night. Srsly, who needs sleep?
Neither. Dude, get some help.
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