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In which she is glad to take the edge off...

Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry + Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze = BEST DRINK EVER! Especially after a super-shitty day at work.

Also, my watch decided that today would be a good day for the battery to die, and since I have this weird thing about watches, I figured it was high time I bought a new one. So, after hopping by Wal*Mart on my way home from work, I am now the proud owner of a totally kickass old school Wolverine watch. And look! I decided to use the new co-op thingy LJ has with photobucket and brought you some pics! (Try to ignore how horribly pixelated they are; I took them with my phone.)

Here's a general idea of the watch. The strap is a brown, genuine leather with yellow threading along the edges. On each strap directly off of the watch face is located the classic X-MEN logo, followed by a plastic, bubble-like thingadoo. (The longer strap with all the hole has a small bubble featuring Wolvie's head floating above the X 'circle' logo, and the shorter strap (with the actual buckle) has a longer bubble, with the quote: "It's been a long time since I've been able to cut loose like this--" (done, of course, in classic comics font) layered over a yellow two-tone full-body image of Wolvie.) Also, there is the Marvel Comics logo located on the band used to hold the extra length of strap down.

Here's the actual watch face. It's pretty self explanatory: square in shape, featuring Wolve's ever-grimacing face over a field of yellow and blue. Though it kinda looks gold in the picture, all the metal work is silver; and the "main" numbers (3, 6, 9, and 12) are done in a font similar to what you see spray painted on wooden crates for labeling purposes. (The other numbers are represented by small silver bullets.)

Finally, here's the watch actually being worn, more for scale than to showcase my hand-modeling skills. (I leave George Costanza in charge of that department.) I just love how gloriously oversized it is!
Tags: crack math, drinking, pics, rl, shopping, work, x-men

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