wedding = December ring

In which she doesn't quite think that Orff is appropriate...

So I'm going over my music library trying to figure out what songs to use for the processional and recessional (my goal is to NOT use the same old pieces everyone else does), and to put it bluntly, so far THIS is my number one choice for the former. (On a slightly lighter note (WATCH HOW I DOTH PUN!) 'Jupiter' is my current choice for the latter.)


In a wholly unrelated topic, anyone else remember when John Williams DIDN'T suck??? Anyone? Bueller?

I've also managed to pick my dress back up from David's after getting altered (it now fits fine and dandy), had nearly $150 worth of M&M's delivered to the house, ordered the cakes, had my rings re-sized, ordered Josh's ring (at least until we can afford the ones we really want), had my 2nd trimester screening done, and gotten my fix of potato oles from Taco John's. (I've been craving them so hard lately.)

Now, if only we can figure out a way to get to the courthouse and, y'know, actually get our marriage license. That might help.

[EDIT: Whilst complaining to my sister on how there is NO GOOD non-cliched wedding appropriate classical music out there because OMG I AM NOT USING 'CANON IN D', she recommended I watch the following (which I had surprisingly never seen/heard before). I present to you: Pachelbel Rant...]

wedding = December ring

In which she is bizzay...

Today was a big day in terms of getting ready for the big day. First off, we went over to Michael's where I got my cake topper and a piece of ribbon/string that matches my sash (this way hopefully Publix will be able to match the cake icing).

Speaking of cakes, right now we're torn between this one (minus the flower spray on top with our topper and changing the colors around some) and this one (instead using our topper and changing the icing roses to something else, plus adding some possible color). Which brings me to this...


Which cake do YOU prefer?

The greenish one!
The ivory-ish one!
Whichever one has chocolate!


After Michael's we moseyed on over to Sam's Club where we priced out most of what we'll need for the reception (disposable plates, cups, napkins, silverware, stuff to make hot chocolate mix, a s'mores bar, frozen wings, bacon, baked beans, beer, etc.). (Luckily Josh's mom is friends with everyone at a diner nearby, and they're going to let us use they're deep fryer to cook all our wings (60 lbs and all!) for just $50.)

Then just a bit ago I ordered our cake cutlery and toasting glasses, which should hopefully arrive soon. (I originally wanted this set because its less formal and more fun, but I was talked out of it since the other set matches my flowers.) (Speaking of which, Josh's Aunt Nancy is working away at helping us get the flowers made and MAN are they looking good!) (Btw, whoever invented fake flowers is a fucking genius and deserves a hug.)

I leave you with this: GHETTO BLASTER
Superdickery = back door bandit!

In which she dons her cowboy hat and goes yippie-ki-yaying all over the place...


It makes me all kinds of excited, because Jonah Hill. IN FUCKING MACHETE. And also because Danny Trejo is The Man 'cause, y'know, he gives out the crazyass peyote that makes you hallucinate into thinking Dan Fogler is getting his leg humped by an Ewok or sumpthin'.

My only question is WHERE THE HELL IS JEFF FAHEY?! And CHEECH!

And when is Werewolf Women of the S.S. coming out??????

In an unrelated note, why are there no good 'South Park' icons out there?
Young Frankenstein = My BOYFRIEND!

In which she is thinking about working out a payment plan...

My boob HURTS.

After weeks of putting it off and putting it off, I finally had by biopsy done yesterday.At first it didn't hurt so much. The anesthetic kinda stung a little, and I could feel the larger hollow needle rooting around taking shit out, but for the most part it was just presence, and no actually pain. Now, on the other hand...


I've still got all the bandages on it, mostly because I'm a huge wimp and know I'll cry like a baby when I take them off, but hot damn! The gauze they've got on it is fairly soaked in blood, and the bruising is so ridiculously huge its not even funny.

Anyhoo, they said my doctor should be getting the results tomorrow, so until then I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

On the other hand, and aside form the pain, I'm beginning to dig the swelling. It's sort of like being able to test drive a new set of oogas, albeit just on the one side. If there is a bright side in this, and by "this" I mean "omgz eets kansur weez gotta remoov eet", its that my insurance will not only cover reconstruction on the one, but also fix the other side to match...

...which now means, according to Josh: "If you go in a B, you GOTTA come out a D."

Egads, how I love that man.
SPN = someone in this room is DRAMATIC!

In which she points out her differing maturity levels...

So apparently my older sister is knocked up, meaning in about 8 or so months I'll be an aunt, and I feel ENTIRELY INDIFFERENT about the whole thing. I could tell kind of pissed her off when I talked to her earlier today, because I wasn't all "OMGZ UR HAVEEN A BAYBEE KUNGRATZ!!!!1one". Seriously though, there has been so much drama (DRAMA) with certain members of my family lately that I really couldn't give a shit about them anymore. As far as I'm concerned we're fucking DONE, professionally.

Buuuuut that's another story for another day. What else is new, you ask? SOON I'LL BE THE LUCKY RECIPIENT OF AN ULTRASOUND GUIDED NEEDLE CORE BIOPSY ON MY RIGHT BOOBAH! Aren't you bitches jealous?!

And now, as an added distraction I present: CARTOON-A-RAMA! A meme in 12 parts. (Ganked from kaion_strife.)

"X" what you've seen, "O" what you haven't finished but saw sizeable portions of, leave blank what you haven't seen at all. Bold what you loved and strike through what you didn't like.

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Oh, and being 24 is vastly overated.
Weird Al = George Michael's butt

In which she jumps to the point...


On my end...
1., Had first gyno visit. (I am pussy (LITERALLY). Hear me roar.)
2., Now I get to enjoy the wonderfulness of having a biopsy performed on my boobie. YAY BIG HOLLOW NEEDLES POKING AROUND IN MY TENDERS!
3., Did I mention that this computer is SUPER BITCHING?????
4., Going to Disney for little sister's birthday (along with older sister, slantedsunlight, and the sexy man beast) on Thursday. YAY DISNEY!
5., Bowling on a Wii is fun. Seriously.
6., Amy Adams = CUTEST PERSON/PLACE/THING EVER. I want one for my own.
7., My birthday is soon, and thus I will shortly be older... and singing a certain TMBG song without end.
8., After a year and a half hiatus, and recovering from the shock that I still remember how, I'm reading again. Yaaaaay books.