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Finding innuendo in the smallest of things...

...(tee-hee, 'smallest', geddit?!).

Amy Deeder
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UNIFIED IN CAPSLOCK FLAG MADE BY taiki @ capslock_heroes

Threthiel (10:24:16 PM): HE DICKS UR WACH
Threthiel (10:24:19 PM): NEKID

The Guide has this to say on the subject of threthiel9...
The utter amount of crack, capslock and cracky manips in this journal are my happy place. :))
~ aurora_84

Floridian geekery: a most favored flavor.
A flavor to favor!
A flavor to savor!
and, for all time, her awesome shall not waver.
~ chrryblssmninja

Horn Rimmed Glasses have never looked any sexier.
~ bwhahahabeck


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